Chin acne is often much difficult to get rid of than acne on the sides of nose or on forehead. The pores clogged by a mixture of dirt, dead skin cells and excess oil leads to acne breakouts. More severe sorts of acne develop whilst bacteria invade the skin pores and multiply inside.

Additionally, hormones play a crucial role in acne; androgens such as testosterone tend to trigger a response, which causes the skin to produce excessive oil than usual. This is why acne flare-ups are very common amid teens with varying hormones. In women chin acne is caused by a sudden spike in the levels of testosterone right prior a period or whilst pregnancy. Fatty foods might also lead to the acne breakouts.

Significant Facts to know

2Chin acne can appear as a result of the larger outbreak, or simply all by its self. There is something referred to as “T-Zone” in teenagers, which signifies to where acne is most probable to strike. The T-zone forms such an area specifically down the nose or across the head area all the way to one’s chin. This is where the oil glands are active during puberty and also where pimples are commonly found.

Chin acne treatments

As with other sorts of acne, stubborn acne on the chin can be cured mainly in two ways. The first involves treating acne breakout at the surface with the aid of anti-acne creams, cleansers and ointments. These OTC topical treatments effectively work to either kill the bacteria or virus that thrive in acne or clear up the clogged pores. These, however might not be enough to treat severe acne. More appreciably, they only work well against prevailing acne and might not do much to avert new acne breakouts.

There are many nonprescription chin acne medications for both women and men. A more long lasting solution to chin acne is by addressing your skin from inside out. And, this virtually signifies controlling the excessive oil generated by the oil glands so that the acne flare-ups don’t occur. Vitamin B5 is a crucial anti-acne vitamin that is found to be highly effective both in curing acne as well as managing its reappearance. Natural supplements for acne treatment can be availed without a prescription at times. However, you might desire a doctor’s appointment in order to get a prescription such as tretinoin or retinol cream, birth control pills, greater doses of benzoyl peroxide, and more. Sometimes the only thing which might be effective to treat chin acne is the prescription medication.

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There are myriad types of over the counter adult acne medications. They range from facial washes, creams to gels, OTC acne medication to vitamin supplements and so on. Adult acne can be simply as embarrassing as a teen with acne. Most acne in adults tends to occur when the skin doesn’t shed quick enough that then traps dirt, bacteria, and oil causing annoying breakouts to occur. Adult acne sometimes requires a varied treatment approach than that of acne in teenagers.

OTC Acne medication Vs Vitamin supplement – Which is the better option?

In order to treat acne at the core and avert its future breakouts, it’s essential to check out all the available options. Each of the available option can be equally effective for treating acne. The following discuss regarding the most popular types of acne medication that’s available; i.e. OTC medication and Vitamin supplements.

OTC products


Using an OTC acne medication is surely an option if in case you are after instant and affordable solutions, which do not desire a doctor’s prescription. However, discovering the apt products might be trickier than you might initially expect. The OTC products for acne are often available in the form of bat soaps, cream, get, facial washes and usually contain benzoyl peroxide which is good for countering mild to moderately severe acne. You utilize cream or gel by applying onto the cell pores of the acne affected areas, twice a day, with washes or soaps, the acne affected regions are just soaped instead.

Vitamin supplements

It is very vital to have proper nutrition for maintaining best and natural clear skin, to prevent acne breakout and so on. Lots of people overlook to have diet containing adequate vitamins and minerals. Many out there are extremely fond of unhealthy junk foods and rarely consume fresh fruits and vegetables. This is greatly applicable to teens those who are prone to acne. Vitamins are potent antioxidants, which aid in removing toxins from your body.

Some of these aids in enhancing immunity system. Significant vitamins for acne treatment include Vitamin A, Vitamin B complex, Vitamin C, and E. These vitamins can be attained by consuming healthy foods such as citrus fruits, green vegetables, and carrots and so on. However, today with the availability of the vitamin supplements you can simply rely on the specific vitamin supplements or multi-vitamin supplements as well.

Both the aforesaid cure for acne works extremely well, and you can choose the treatment type based on your desires!

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